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“Joe Baiza is truly one of the great guitarists to come out of the so-called punk rock scene of southern California, "so-called" because most of Baiza's music fits more into the category of free jazz or jazz-rock. He has often been ahead of the curve with his musical thinking, playing intense instrumental jams a few years before his audience would be eager for them, and bringing together the creative anarchy of improvised music with the independent attitude of the punk scene at a time when the two philosophies seemed mutually exclusive, at least to people whose brains were fuzzy from falling into the mosh pit.
Baiza is a founding member of the bands Saccharine Trust, Universal Congress Of, and The Mecolodiacs. Guitar nuts first picked up on Baiza in the context of his band Saccharine Trust, one of the mid-'80s groups that made the SST label so interesting, at least for a short time.
Baiza was involved in a variety of different groups in the '90s and beyond, extending the developments of Universal Congress Of with the aforementioned Mecolodiacs and embarking on at least three marathon tours with Watt, in whose band he replaced guitarist Nels Cline.
Baiza is also a visual artist who has contributed work to several album covers.”-Eugene Chadbourne / AllMusic
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