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Czukay's second album continues his fascination with and expermentation of using recordings from radio, television, short-wave and more, and 'gluing' non-similar sources together and making something unique from them, but also something that 'works' musically.
In the pre-sampling days of 1979, when this was first released, incorporating recordings off of the tv and radio into already existing songs was a fairly amazingly weird thing to be doing. For my tastes, this is his best realized solo album. .

"Holger Czukay's first post-Can solo album finds the bass player exploring prog rock jams with varied instrumentation, song-oriented lyrics, and media samples from film, television, and short-wave. It was the samples that put Czukay in the same category as David Byrne and Brian Eno: an art rocker exploring the early days concurrently with early hip-hop pioneers (or alternately, a white man exploiting the culture of the third world, depending on who you read). On "Persian Love," Czukay backs up clips of an Iranian singer recorded off the short-wave with lilting guitar and keyboard riffs that sparkle like light. The album is all pleasant, playful textures, with little of the darkness that Can dallied with."-Ted Mills/All Music Guide
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