Dharmawan, Dwiki - Pasar Klewer 2 x CDs

SKU Moon June MJR 081
DWIKI DHARMAWAN: acoustic piano
YARON STAVI: upright bass, bass guitar (tune 5, disk 2)
ASAF SIRKIS: drums, udu clay percussion, shaker & konakol singing (tune 2, disk 1)
MARK WINGFIELD: guitar (tunes 1 & 4 on disk 1; tunes 4 & 6 on disk 2)
NICOLAS MEIER: glissentar (tunes 2 & 5 on disk 1; tune 1 on disk 2), acoustic guitar (tunes 3 & 5, disk 2)
GILAD ATZMON: clarinet (tune 2 on disk 1; tune 2 on disk 2), soprano sax (tune 3 on disk 1; tune 3 on disk 2)
BORIS SAVOLDELLI: vocals (tunes 4 & 5 on disk 1)
ARIS DARYONO: vocals, gamelan percussion, kendang percussion, rebab 3-strings violin (tunes 1, 2 & 3 on disk 1; tune 1 on disk 2)
PENI CANDRARINI: vocals (tune 1 on disk 2)
GAMELAN JESS JEGOG: gamalan orchestra (tune 3 on disk 1)
BALINESE FROGS: background vocals (tune 3 on disk 2)

"Indonesian keyboard star Dwiki Dharmawan returns following his 2015 MoonJune Records debut, the more fusion-heavy So Far, So Close, offering the even more ambitious Pasar Klewer. Recorded at London's EastCote Studio, in June 2015, this vibrant, acoustic piano-driven two-CD set features the cream of Britain's younger expat crop, blending with Indonesian musicians to create a passionate, seamless cultural cross-pollination.
... the net result of which is a modern progressive epic!
Backed by the core foundation of the expressive bassist, Yaron Stavi, and masterful timekeeper, Asaf Sirkis, Dwiki reveals further facets of his musical genius -- assisted by brilliant contributions from a host of guests, including Boris Savoldelli, Mark Wingfield, Nicolas Meier and Gilad Atzmon. The contributing musicians embrace the complexities and nuance of the material with an ease and comfort which transcends comprehension and defies logic; delivering some of their finest individual and corporate moments to date in ambitious, achieving style.
It is rare, indeed, when a project is presented which is so uniquely original, so wildly ambitious, and yet succeeds on such a level of excellence as does this fantastic release. MJR is pleased to present what we consider one of the finest works yet offered by the label. Those who would write progressive music's obituary may want to put their pens down and give this gem a listen!"
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