Doran, Christy - 144 Strings For A Broken Chord : A Piece For 20 Electric Guitars, 4 Electric Basses and Drums

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"...he detests prohibitions on thinking and pigeonholing, fears nothing and nobody, and hardly hates anything as much as boredom or routine. He regularly jumps back and forth between Jimi Hendrix, Samuel Becket and Chinese folk music in the search for inspiration and seems to expand his artistic portfolio every second. Sometimes the thought of what it might look like in Christy Doran's head comes to mind. Probably untidy, full-packed, rather chaotic, mega-interesting and incredibly fascinating, especially when you discover how much undiscovered and unplayed music is still slumbering in the most absurd formulations.
To be honest. who gets the idea to bundle 20 electric guitars, four electric basses and a drumset into an orchestra that has never before existed in this form? Christy Doran counted them exactly and consequently correctly calls it "144 Strings For A Broken Chord" in view of the tempestuous storm that it creates. In doing this, the jack-of-all-trades on the electric guitar with all its tonal possibilities such as the amps or other electronic devices, his loyal companions over all those eventful decades, creates a highly emotional declaration of love. “Their potential is boundless,” the 68-year-old Swiss musician raved. Not only for him as an instrumentalist, but also as a composer. That's why Doran composed his 144 strings on a corpulent body with seven energetic, bustling, noisy, unpredictable compositions somewhere between rock, contemporary jazz, noise, contemporary classical music, groove and world music. A wild, normally hard to control amalgam that John Voirol had to deal with on the conductor's stand, but which he surprisingly had tightly under control at a concert on September 17, 2016 in Christy's hometown of Lucerne, without robbing the protagonists of their individual freedom...."
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