Dunaj / Iva Bittova - Dunaj & Iva Bittova CD

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I’ve had this great release since it came out in 1989.
This was the first collaboration between Pavel Fajt’s great avant-leaning, ROCK band (dual guitar, bass, drums) with the addition of Iva's terrific vocals. It's exciting to hear Iva really let loose with such a solid band behind her!

“This CD was actually recommended to me by a music librarian at my local library. At first, I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it, since the very opening of the disc sounded a bit like “New Age” music, but as it went along I really began to get into it. Bittová has a wonderful, unique style of both composition and performance that almost defies description. I say “almost” because it sounded to me like a combination of Eastern European folk music, Meredith Monk, classical, New Age and jazz. Yes, there are elements of all five in it, and the longer you listen to this CD the more Bittová’s singing and playing grows on you. Her violin style is much more rooted in folk music, but also contains some unusual percussive effects. Much, but not all, of the “New Age” sound stems from the engineering of the disc, which has a lot of ambience (something I’m generally against). The bottom line, however, is that if you like odd and unusual music that blurs categories, you’ll LOVE this CD.”
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