Dzyan - Dzyan

Legit reissue from the analog masters of the very first album from this German group, which predate the much, much better known Time Machine and Electric Silence. This very rare 1972 album is the very first version of the band before they would move into their cracked electric jazz/rock sound of Time Machine. It features founding member Reinhard Karwatky (bass), plus Jochen Leuschner (vocals, percussion), Gerd-Bock Ehrmann (tenor sax), Harry Krämer (guitars) and Ludwig Braum (drums, percussion), + Gunter Kuhlwein (organ, electric piano). This is totally different from their 2 much better known works, but in its own way, it's nearly as good!
  • LabelLong Hair
  • UPC4035177000894
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