Emma Myldenberger - Emmaz Live! CD

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This was the band's third and final release and was released only on cassette in an edition of 79 copies, amazingly enough. This is live recordings from 1980/81 and includes a long interview with band member Michel Meyer. Another great, thorough GOD job.

"Initially formed by a number of street musicians in Hirschberg, 1977, with the desire to create something more than just folk music, Emma Myldenberger quickly established a rich folk-rock style, totally acoustic, featuring female vocals and a penchant for blending in many other ethnic musics than just German folk. The second album, Tour de Trance, with considerably longer tracks and much more instrumental interplay, broke even more ground with a uniquely styled music that even went beyond the pioneering music of Between or the Third Ear Band, mysteriously ethnic and medieval, not really rock but with a lively rock energy, and an abundance of solos, surprising for what was still a totally acoustic ensemble. Emma Myldenberger were indeed pioneers that were pushing beyond the frontiers of established progressive, folk and world musics. But, for some unknown reason, they split before the end of the decade."-The Crack in the Cosmic Egg.
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