Föllakzoid - V CD

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Really strong, modern, motorik / Krautrock style stuff from Chile. Maybe this time they come across a little bit more with a Nissenenmondai influence added (not a bad thing). In any event: Recommended!

“The Chilean band journeys through icy, alien frontiers on their mesmerizing new album...V begins like an incoming transmission from a distressed spaceship. The barbed remnants of a synth tone modulate and wriggle; low-slung bass notes throb with menace; a kick lumbers into the mix as spiky harmonics jut against it in a syncopated rhythm. After swirling around each other for nearly two minutes, the elements click into place, the groove snapping into focus. But instead of moving in any clear direction, we’re ushered further into the void, staring wide-eyed at the vast expanse the band conjures.
Over the past 14 years, the Chilean band, led by guitarist and filmmaker Domingæ Garcia-Huidobro, has set out to explore psychedelia’s outermost reaches. While they made their name referencing the scorched riffs and repetitive chug of bands like Hawkwind and Loop, on 2015’s III, they shifted toward the insistent pulse of dance music, assisted by German producer Atom™ (née Uwe Schmidt). They pushed further into electronic territory on 2019’s I, foregoing in-person jam sessions and instead handing Schmidt 60 independently recorded parts to arrange as he saw fit. This time on V, they compiled more than 70 stems and relinquished any control over the music’s structure.”-Pitchfork
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