Fall of Saigon - Fall of Saigon

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Named after a track by This Heat, Fall of Saigon was the new-wave/experimental group of Pascal Comelade, which existed for a couple of years. They recorded a 12" EP due for release on the justly legendary Atem label, but never released because the label folded before this could come out. That record plus other tracks make their first real release here.

"In the patchwork panteon of French rock, Fall of Saigon was possibly the most New York influenced; in its brief two years of existence, this early 80s trio managed to contruct a classy and inventive stripped-to-the-bones sound with just vocals (florence Berthon), keyboard (Pascal Comelade), guitar (Terry Den) and a very loud rhythm machine. This release of their much sought-after and regrettably only recorded work, a 45rpm maxi, is augmented by seven unheard tracks of which three are live. For fans old and new to (re) discover this much-missed trio."

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