Flaherty, Paul / Randall Colbourne - Ironic Havoc

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“By turns romantic and melodic or fierce and insistent, Flaherty will often start a phrase with a mellow tone only to feed it through a grinder and shred it. One of my favorite moments comes about 3 minutes into the first piece, where he ascends beyond the upper reaches of his horn and whistles, the sound taking on a definite electronic tinge. At the ten-minute mark of the same number, both men start stomping hard before coming to a melancholy close. There are long moments of horn gargle and fast and hard drumming, where it's difficult to keep track of the instruments as separate entities and things blur into a mass of hyperkinetic sonic motion.
During brief solos we get to focus on the beautiful timbres of Colbourne's vibrating metal and plastic or the grit and grain of Flaherty's horns ù impassioned soliloquies during conversations between two old friends overheard. These guys made some of the first independently produced out music records I was exposed to as a lad, and I'm truly glad to find them still at it, giving us examples of sane behavior in ever more chaotic circumstances. We could hear this music as a testament to the rightness that human interaction sometimes exhibits.”-Jeph Jerman / The Squid's Ear
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