Nabatov, Simon - Last Minute Theory

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Tony Malaby tenor and soprano saxophones
Brandon Seabrook guitar
Michael Formanek double bass
Gerald Cleaver drums
Simon Nabatov piano

“The quintet format is a favorite for pianist Simon Nabatov. After "Master and Margarita", "Roundup" and "Readings" with American and European musicians, here’s a new one with top New York players Tony Malaby, Brandon Seabrook, Michael Formanek and Gerald Cleaver.
A couple of minutes after you press Play to listen to this “Last Minute Theory” you find out that this isn’t only one more quintet, but a new step in the evolution of a music concept that crosses a very particular understanding of what it means to play fire music with classical music motives and structures.
In this record you feel the energy of the present day Big Apple, but also the old soul of Russia, either in the moments the music turns epic and spiritual or those when nuance, subtlety and detail are the main focus – sometimes going from one of these approaches to the other in just a few seconds. You never know what to expect, only that you’re going to be surprised, tricked and challenged, all those positive feelings that keep you alert and alive...”
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