Galliano, Richard - Solo

Richard Galliano is a really *masterful* accordion player. This solo album is all works by Astor Piazolla and Galliano really runs them down here. This can't help but be adored by fans of the ol' squeeze box. These are perfect Japanese copies.

"Accordionist Richard Galliano did for European folk -- specifically, the early-20th-century French ballroom dance form known as musette -- what his mentor Astor Piazzolla did for the Argentinean tango. Galliano re-imagined and revitalized a musical tradition, expanding its emotional range to reflect modern sensibilities, and opening it up to improvisation learned through American jazz. In fact, Galliano was more of a jazz musician than a folk one, although he blurred the lines so much that distinctions were often difficult to make."-Steve Huey/All Music
  • LabelMilan
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