Heldon - Interface CD (expanded)

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This is a reprinting of one of our classic Heldon titles which we ran out of a little while ago. The CD's sound is unchanged; this is not a remaster, but it has been repackaged in a way that makes it look more like the original vinyl version, which had one of the all-time great sci-fi covers of all time!

This is one of the classics of the avant-progressive-electronic cannon of 1970s greats, and is a perfect place to start if you do not already know this band!

Originally released on Cobra in 1977, this features the classic Heldon line-up of Richard Pinhas-guitar and electronics, Patrick Gauthier-Moog synthesizer and electronics and Fran├žois Auger-drums and electronics. This was one of Heldon's heaviest albums, featuring their most intense and relentless electronic fusillades. This is probably my personal favorite of all their albums and a great place to start. Hugely recommended.

"If there was ever a band that epitomized perhaps the ultimate union of guitars with electronics, Heldon's holy blaze burns the brightest."-i/e.
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