Hitchcock, Robyn / The Venus 3 - Goodnight Oslo CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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Robyn Hitchcock – guitars, vocals
Peter Buck – guitars
Scott McCaughey – bass
Bill Rieflin – drums

In the 80s and 90s, in DC, one of the great nights out you could see once every 10 months or so, was singer / songwriter / guitarist / bandleader Robyn Hitchcock with whatever group of musicians he was fronting at that time.
To this day, I’m always happy to hear whatever it is that Robyn is up to. Some of his output is more to my taste than others, but he’s always a fine songwriter with a sharp wit.
I read somewhere someone saying something like that this has the typical Robyn songcraft upfront, but with some different sounds & styles in the back behind him, and that’s a good description of this one. Typically excellent with some surprises!

“Reinvention reigns supreme in the elastic world of Robyn Hitchcock. His latest incarnation with the Venus 3 (Peter Buck, Scott McCaughey & Bill Rieflin) spawned the critically acclaimed Ole Tarantula in 2006. Three years later this confection of rock stars and underground legends is back in 2009 with the post-modern pop masterpiece Goodnight Oslo. Stabbing horns from compatriot Terry Edwards swim alongside gorgeous harmonies throughout this 10-track snapshot of Hitchcock's version of pop music in a perfect world. Goodnight Oslo features guest vocalists Colin Meloy, Sean Nelson and Morris Windsor who help Robyn sing his way through a dreamy remembrance of 16 years of intoxication.
An album of nearly unwavering positivity, Goodnight Oslo shines down with the beautiful "I'm Falling" and the beatific "Up to Our Nex," the latter written for the soundtrack to the stirring Jonathan Demme film Rachel Getting Married. A new era in an already fabled career, Robyn's latest work strengthens the pull of his lunar-like gravity and adds yet another chapter to the myth of one of rock music's most influential undercurrents.”
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