Honey Ride Me A Goat - Udders

Despite this group's fairly ludicrous name, HRMAG is a really good, avant-out-progressive kinda band. They recorded an excellent, as yet unreleased collaboration with Hugh Hopper (too short to release as a CD; it's only about 20' long) right before Hugh got ill and have been involved with other interesting projects as well, including sharing a album with Upsilon Acrux. These types of activities should tell you that this is a band well worth checking out. Recommended.

"The Kent-based UK trio known as Honey Ride Me A Goat have been around since the early years of the 21st century. In that time they managed to release several slabs of vinyl and various CDs, record with ex-Soft Machine bass-God Hugh Hopper just before his untimely death, befuddle most music writers and critics with their stop-on-a-dime musical chops mangled beyond comprehension in a no wave-free jazz-influenced instrumental power trio format, and bedazzle countless observers at any of their many shows over the years. Their music is an unholy melding of the scratchy, post-punk shards of guitar scrapes from D. Boon and Arto Lindsay, the disjointed rhythms of Beefheart, the psychedelic jazz-wail of Joe Baiza and James Ulmer and sheets of sound not heard since Rudolph Grey was releasing his wares. HRMAG capture "that" sound and throttle it sideways: songs veer left and right, flow from jazz-like jams to claustrophobic, repetitive, airtight rhythms in a heartbeat; some songs fall apart, others never stray from an ass-tight compositional sound. It's not "math-rock" and it's not free-jazz. HRMAG have carved their own musical path. Udders is a best-of compiled by the band, consisting of tracks taken from their scarce vinyl releases of yore, as well as one newly-recorded (and previously-unreleased) track. Limited to 500 copies."
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