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"The eponymous third and last album by the Genoese band, closes a short-lived but exciting artistic journey which leads some of the original New Trolls musicians, Nico Di Palo in particular, towards paths parallel to the ones of their previous group.
Born after the NT's split in 1973, Ibis released two albums in two years with different musicians, but always pushed by the tireless Di Palo. "Ibis" was the release where the band found their artistic maturity.
Containing only two English-sung songs, it shows a very uncommon progressive hard rock impetuosity for that time, especially in Italy. Ibis disbanded a few months later, due to the New Trolls reunion."

“This was the end of Nico di Palo's experience outside New Trolls. A very good album, indeed, coming from a period (the mid-seventies) where symphonic prog-rock seemed to have nothing more to say - or at least, began to be the professional critics' favourite scapegoat.
"Ibis" isn't experimental at all, but shows the band in their peak not only of creativity but, above all, of personality. So, after the bombastic introduction of "Premessa", in "Narratio" Di Palo stops trying to turn his band into the Italian version of "Yes" (and he stops also imitating Steve Howe) and shows again its love for heavy rock, for flaming guitar solos, and ramping rhythms. But the band manages also to give its sound a Mediterranean flavour with a good taste in melodies and acoustical passages. "Passa il tempo" is a very simple ballad, but its simplicity matches with a very good tune and stunning vocal harmonies. "Ritrovarci qui" is another heavy-rock track, but it features also the melancholy and dramatic mood of the Italian "romanza", while "Strada" is the ideal meeting point between between Deep Purple and any jazz rock or Canterbury band.
Let's give this little jem what it deserves, and feed its reputation with four good stars.”-progarchives
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