Janinet, Clément - Ornette Under The Repetitive Skies III CD

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“This O.U.R.S. (or 'ours', French for bear) has a unifying growl. O.U.R.S. has deep roots, and an airy joy. Fine. But what exactly is O.U.R.S.? A mispronunciation of a bygone communist realm, or a sophisticated spelling of a word used to refer to a quadruped with a sore head? Nothing of the sort. Far from it. O.U.R.S is a jazz quartet. A quartet of fine blades that cut through the current jazz scene in as many playgrounds as possible. Labelling each one, they embrace them all. O.U.R.S. It's probably prog deep down, and it's wonderfully classical in its form. It combines heritage and on-the-spot invention with infinite panache. It's griot (storyteller) jazz, and it's workshop pleasure. Something that makes music incredibly transmissible.
O.U.R.S.? It's an acronym for Ornette Under the Repetitive Skies. We're talking a necessary bonus, the power of Joachim Florent polished within the Jean Louis trio and Révolut!on by François Corneloup. We're talking the unwise passage by Hugues Mayot in the Orchestre National de Jazz directed by Olivier Benoit, or the Cubo-agit band ¿Que Vola? with Fidel Fourneyron. We're talking the escapades of Emmenael Scarpa in Umlaut, Marteau Matraque, or more recently in the pendular duo SkullTone, with Fanny Lasfargues. With this CD the quartet renews the definition of their music, while fully aware of which of the old concepts of rhythm and harmony can be shaken up by new ones. Also with something that has always existed in jazz, that physical pulse, an unstoppable instinctive origin.”
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