Jazzheads - Avant Wot Not

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Ari Hoenig - drums, jingle stick, shells
Tim Motzer - guitars, guitar synth, banjo, mandolin
Chris Cuzme - saxophones, didgeridoo
Ben Bocardo - upright electric and fender bass

The re-issued 1999 Philly/Brooklyn underground jazz-funk-drum & bass classic is back in print.

"Recorded in December of 1998 and re-released in the fall 2008 to celebrate the bands 10 year anniversary, and with some long-overdue live shows. This 10-track effort (made up of super jazz drummer Ari Hoenig, guitarist/composer Tim Motzer, saxophonist Chris Cuzme, and bassist Ben Bocardo) is a nimble, all instrumental excursion into the disparate corners of all that boogies, simmers and swings, from acid jazz to improv, from drum n bass to funk. The playing in dizzyingly fine throughout. But what's most compelling about avant wot not is its unhampered sense of fun and it's "up" vibe."-Philly Weekly
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