Join The Din - ¿Change! CD

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Riccardo Castellani - drums, percussion, synthesiser, programming
Rich Muscat - alto saxophone
Ronan Perrett - tenor saxophone
Charlie Cawood - bass guitar
Emanuela Monni - drums, electronic percussion
Anna Treutler - vocals, violin
Jin Theriault - piano, viola

“¿Change! is a concept album, created in collaboration with Italian dancer and choreographer Chiara Corradi during a residency at Snape Maltings, and featuring an expanded lineup, whose contributions add new depth and dimension to the band's sound, and elevate the album to new heights.
"We are thrilled to release ¿Change! and to share it with our fans," said drummer and band-leader Riccardo Castellani. "This album is the culmination of much hard work and collaboration, and we believe it represents some of our best work to date.”

FFO: Pink Floyd, Cardiacs, Muse, King Crimson
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