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Extremely good, modern Scandinavian progrock, with a lot of inspiration from the good ol' days.
The band released four cassette-only compilations; the first 3 of which were releawed on a double lp, which gained a LOT of attention and this, their fourth and most recently cassette release came out in 2017, but is getting a 'proper' release now.

"Years ago I failed to give proper attention to Scandinavian bands, but after all the marvelous music that came from that region, never made that mistake again, and honestly the vast majority of bands from this part of the world haven't disappointed me, so when the Norwegian band JORDSJÃ? was suggested to Symphonic, listened to the samples and bought Jord immediately.
My first impression of Jord was of delight and surprise, especially when found that the band consists of a duo (Håkon Oftung in the vocals, flute, guitars & keys and the percussionist Kristian Frøland), something unusual for such an elaborate recording, but let's go to the album which is the reason why we are here
Jord is opened by Over Vidda a flute and percussion preamble that places the listener in the mood for a mysterious an elaborate album, it's nice and refreshing but the real deal starts with the frantic Abstraksjoner Fra Et Dunkelt Kammer, a 6:50 mini epic that starts with a soft and melodic introduction that lasts for more or less two minutes, followed by a vocal section that goes "in crescendo" until it explodes in a blast of sounds and musical ideas where the synths take the lead but always having aggressive guitar passages. Simply delightful and the drumming is impeccable.
After this frenetic start the band changes direction with the folksy Finske Skoge a rhythmic track that reminds me of the softer GENESIS tracks with a touch of JETHRO TULL and some killer guitar riffs and again a sober percussion enhanced by Robert William Robert William Dall Frøseth as guest in the bass.
Now it's the turn for Jord I, another explosive song that reminds me of Jordrock by ÄNGLAGÅRD due to the multiple dramatic changes and that marvelous Mellotron that takes me back to the glorious 70s. The vocals (Even when I don't understand a word) help to create that mysterious and dense atmosphere that falls over the listener as a thick mist. Again they hit the nail right in the head.
From the start it's evident that Jord II is a sequel to the previous song, but they manage to maintain the individuality of both tracks with heavier sections and traces of PÄR LINDH's organ, but what impressed me more is the guitar and drums duets when both musicians show their skills. Another high moment in the album.
One thing I value very much in a record is the balance between vibrant and melodic tracks, not too much aggressiveness to desperate the listener neither too many soft passages to bore, and La Meg Forsvinne! helps to keep that equilibrium with an interesting song that blends rock and Jazz elements.
The album is closed by Postludium, an almost electronic instrumental track that caught me by surprise, being that I expected a bombastic finale, but the band went for a softer option that creates a sensation of relaxation after all the previous emotions. Interesting approach.
Usually I hate when the time to rate comes, being that it's hard not to know if you are awarding the album with an undeserved number of stars or being too exigent and unfair with a low rating, but with Jord I don't have that problem, the album impressed me from the first to the last note, I know that in December it will be in my top 10 list of the year, so without hesitation I go with 5 solid stars."-ProgArchives
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