Kaiser, Henry / Bob Bralove - Ultraviolet Licorice CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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Henry Kaiser is one of the great improvising guitarists. His music has grown and changed over the 4 decades he's been making music, but whose work has always had big roots in the 60s psychedelic rock of his home in the San Francisco area.
Bob Bralove is a keyboardist who was the keyboardist for the Grateful Dead during their final 8 years of existence. So, obviously, they have a lot to musically say to each other here.
Henry told me that they worked with live improvising of guitar and piano, either on its own or over pre-recorded synth backing tracks here and the result is modern duo conversational psychedelia! "When Bob Bralove asked his old pal Henry Kaiser about doing a recording together, Henry remembered the forgotten backing DATs that Bralove had prepared for the Grateful Dead to use as a transition between drums and space, back in the band's final years. It turns out that Bralove still had the long forgotten recordings that he had made with synthesizer and sampler back in the 90s. So the duo and went into Fantasy Studios in Berkeley and played live over the backing tracks. Henry with electric or acoustic guitar and Bob with a grand piano. What resulted is an odd, yet pleasing, combination of psychedelic space music, jazzy piano, tortured-timbre electric guitar, and Derek Bailey inspired acoustic guitar. These are not normally things that one finds in the same acoustic space; even in a psychedelic space, this is unique... Beautiful and scary, virtuoso and cheezy, loud and quiet, transcendent and grounded, fast and slow... many things at once. No prisoners were taken, yet no animals were harmed during the recording."
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Bob Bralove's Grateful Dead / Dark Star leanings mix with Kaiser's edgy guitar are a perfect match! A great listen!
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