Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble - Mutations CDEP

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Second release (and note that while they call it an EP, it's almost 40' long) by a band that combine very modern electronica with jazz and progressive elements to come up with something new, fresh and unusual. This is more electronic/drone music here and less jazz than their previous album, but there's still a lot of interesting mixtures going on here.

"A bridge between their first album on Planet Mu and the forthcoming second one on Ad Noiseam, the "Mutations EP" is The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble's coming of age. Profound and organic but dark and impressive, it is a perfect rendition of the ensemble's live shows and the proof that there is still something fresh to be done at the meeting point of post-rock, jazz and drones. A deeply emotional and original trip."
Jason Kohnen - Bass/Upright, Piano.
Gideon Kiers - Sequencing, Drums.
Hilary Jeffrey - Trombone, Oscillators, Rhodes.
Charlotte Cegarra - Vocals, FX, Piano, Xylophone, Flute.
Eelco Bosman - Guitar.
Nina Hitz - Cello.
Sarah Anderson - Violin.

You can hear their music here

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