Kiv Orchestra - La Roue CDEP

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"A new collaboration between the French-Canadian Turbo- Punk band “Vialka” and the Israeli Avant/Hardcore/Klezmer band “Kruzenshtern & Parohod”. These two bands already worked together in their 2006 split album, but this is the first time these bands join together writing new songs. The result is a whole new six-headed monster: KIV Orchestra.

The new ensemble takes these six experienced musicians to whole new musical territories, where all the great elements of these two bands combine together to create something fresh and exciting. This EP, which is a first taste for more releases to come, contains a unique combination of cultures, languages, voices and styles from all over the place: From a twisted version of Berlin 1920’s cabaret into broken tango chansons, outsider’s music from the Balkan and traditional Russian prisoners’ songs. All these different styles and flavors mixed together with tons of black humor and a tough punk attitude. This is a great introduction for both of the bands. It is a great, complicated and surprisingly catchy album, which will satisfy both bands’ fans and will easily get them new ones. It is also a great reminder to all of us how fun alternative music can be, without giving up its challenging approach."
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