Lasry, Teddy - E=mc² CD

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Teddy Lasry is best known as being one of the reed men in the first edition of Magma, appearing on Mekanik, 1001 and Kobaia.
But after leaving Magma circa 1973, he made a bunch of library music albums (which I have never heard), as well as two very excellent, more keyboard / electronic-styled progressive albums for RCA in 1976 and 1979, of which this is the first.
At one point, I tried to license the two RCA albums for Cuneiform, so you know that I think highly of them; this is its first-ever digital release. Probably not what you were expecting from an ex-Magma man, but highly recommended.

“Alongside bassist Jannick Top (also from Magma) and drummer Andre Ceccarelli, Lasry played nearly all the instruments on the atmospheric electronic album himself in the tradition of Mike Oldfield.
After more than 47 years, this French masterpiece of electronic music has finally been re-released. By the way, Lasry, who was born in 1947, is still musically active in music today.”
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