Matching Mole - Little Red Record (expanded / remastered) 2 x CDs

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These hugely expanded reissues of the two, classic Matching Mole albums are really just a dream come true for Canterbury heads/Robert Wyatt fans. This features photos and other ephemera, liner notes by Sid Smith, newly remastered sound and most importantly, a host of bonus material!

A true oddball classic! Matching Mole was the band formed by Robert Wyatt immediately after leaving Soft Machine. By the time of this one, they had been a live, touring band for some time, racking up miles and putting real band experience under their belts, unlike their 1st. With Robert Wyatt-drums, vocals, Phil Miller-guitar, Bill MacCormick-bass & Dave MacCrae's ring-modulated electric piano. This has some real hot playing & insanely goofy vocal parts. Produced by Robert Fripp, whose steely gaze reduced Phil Miller to a quivering mass of nerves, in addition to the album we all know so well, this includes:
1. the 25' "In Concert" program, recorded in July, 1972
2. nearly 20' of previously unheard studio material, including a really nice, studio run through of "Starting in the Middle of the Day" with just acoustic piano and untreated voice, alternate takes of Smoke Signal and Flora Fidge and studio banter between "Der Mutter Khorus", where you can hear the origins of the "What's brown, goes underground, is myopic?" line, "(complete with control room interjections from producer Fripp, who almost cracks a smile...almost)"
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