Matching Mole - Matching Mole (expanded / remastered) 2 x CDs

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These hugely expanded reissues of the two, classic Matching Mole albums are really just a dream come true for Canterbury heads/Robert Wyatt fans. This features photos and other ephemera, liner notes by Sid Smith, newly remastered sound and most importantly, a host of bonus material!

Less than six months after leaving Soft Machine (Robert left in August, and the record of this album began in December, 1971), Robert began work on a solo album. As he worked on it, musicians began to perform on it regularly, and before he knew it, he had a band. Consisting of Robert Wyatt-drums, vocals, keyboards, Phil Miller-guitar, Bill MacCormick-bass, Dave Sinclair-organ & guest electric pianist Dave MacRae (who was shortly to take over completely from Dave Sinclair). This veers from being mostly like a solo album of Robert's songs, to a twisted take on fusion with an excellent band. In addition to the album we all know so well, this includes:
1. the single versions of ‘O Caroline’ and ‘Signed Curtain’
2. two BBC Radio One sessions from 1972
3. Nearly 50' of previously unheard studio material, including two takes of Part of the Dance (one of which is over 20' long!), an instrumental version of Hugh Hopper's Memories, Signed Curtain (take 2) and Horse, which is a run-through instrumentally of Waterloo Lilly, which is very odd, as Dave Sinclair didn't play on that Caravan album. Aymeric Leroy thinks the connection is Phil Miller, who may have contributed (without credit) instrumentally to the composition.
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