Memorize the Sky - Memorize the Sky

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Matt Bauder (saxophone, clarinet, percussion), Aaron Siegel (drums, vibraphone, percussion), Zach Wallace (bass, vibraphone, percussion).

"Memorize The Sky is the first full-length recording from the decade-old improvising collective of the same name, featuring saxophonist/clarinetist Matt Bauder, bassist Zach Wallace and percussionist Aaron Siegel. Often resembling electronic music despite being performed on acoustic instruments, these eight tracks were culled from over six hours of improvisations recorded in the fall of 2005."

"They've been working together as a trio since the end of the 90s, and it shows in the subtle interplay and concentrated listening on these eight pieces." — Dan Warburton, Paris Transatlantic

"...the trio makes its way through a series of improvisations which evolve into forms of dazzling subtlety and gestural control... combining sterling extended technique and a lush sense of timbre and density to create striations of textural elegance. Their previous release with Braxton showed intriguing promise. With this release, they deliver." — Michael Rosenstein, Cadence
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