Minus Two - SWF Session 1972

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This first-ever release of any music by this excellent Germany duo consisting of Hammond organ & vocals and drums, percussion and vocals.

The two members, Günther Kühlwein (organ) and Walter Helbig (drums) were long-time band mates in a number of ensembles, but with the huge rise of underground music in the early 70s, they decided to form a totally progressive music band and since they were in perfect agreement about how they wanted the music to sound, they decided that a duo format was perfect. They conceived themselves from the beginning as a guitar, organ, bass & drums band 'minus two'. They started working together as Minus Two in early 1971.

Great playing from both performers, with a nice sound that throws together a bit of breezy jazz/bluesy influences (one can not forget what a huge influence Brian Auger was in those days), classical music trappings and an over-all very progressive sound for these early days.

This features a short opener and three long tracks and the sound quality is great. This is about as perfect of an early proto-prog archival discovery can be. The booklet includes a band history with plenty of photos! [
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