Morris, Joe - Traits

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"All improvised quartet music by four acclaimed leaders in free jazz and improvised music. The superior collective interplay on this recording is matched by the individual virtuosity of the four players, each a master voice on their respective instruments. Led by the driving energy and instantly formal playing of Joe Morris on bass, who makes his deepest case yet to be considered one of the great bassists in free music, this amazing group operates as a model of collective interaction creating spontaneously realized pieces that are vivid, grooving, driving, soulful, adventurous, demanding and richly rewarding. The two lead voices on saxophone, Petr Cancura and Jim Hobbs each display complete command of their instruments and push them to new and beautiful places that are rooted in the tradition of saxophone music. All of this is held down by the deeply rooted and energetic drive of master drummer Luther Gray, whose playing on this recording is nothing short of heroic. At once encompassing what must be considered the history of free music drumming in every statement he makes, Gray commands tremendous force and renders it with graceful musical poise."

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