Morris, Joe - Today on Earth

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"'I call what I play Free Music because I want to be free to render my work in any way I feel necessary to express my feelings and ideas. Today on Earth is quartet music that emphasizes the groove; some folk-like melodies mixed in with some other things. My colleagues here, Jim Hobbs, Timo Shanko and Luther Gray are as strong and expressive as any players ever when it comes to dealing with this kind of material. I'm lucky to be able to work with them. The title of this recording suggests the idea that is at the core of my artistic goals; a reminder to have a simple instant of realization, a second of reflection about our lives standing on this planet floating in the universe.' - Joe Morris. Simultaneous to having achieved a strong measure of well-deserved acclaim for his ascendant work on upright bass (most recently on the release of Wildlife (AUM Fidelity), Joe Morris has kept his incomparable and singular voice on the guitar in highly notable flex mode in on both a 4xCD set of improvised duos with Anthony Braxton and on the David S. Ware release, Shakti (AUM Fidelity). Here Morris brings the guitar again full fore with his blessed Quartet on a brand new set of indelibly melodic tunes that are rendered with deep swing and profound essence of joy. Joining him in doing so are alto saxophonist Jim Hobbs and bassist Timo Shanko (both of The Fully Celebrated) as well as further long-time associate, drummer Luther Gray."

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