Mwamba, Corey - Nth

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Corey Mwamba - vibraphone, glockenspiel, beak flute
Laura Cole - piano
Andy Champion - double bass
Johnny Hunter - drums, small percussion

“The idea for putting together this group, at the time I did, represents a slow movement. This is a group of people that I had wanted to put together for a while; some of the music was written almost fifteen years ago. But then, as it began, we accelerated; we played live four times, the final time coinciding with my last time.
Andy, Johnny, and Laura have given so much in performing and dealing with the material. What these musicians and friends have done, to me, reflects a core tradition in jazz -- to deal and commit to the material and make new things, present new ways of listening and expressing: to move beyond the limits of the marks on the page, towards feeling.”
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