Orchestra Entropy - Rituals

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Matt London - tenor saxophone, director
Georgia Cooke - alto flute
Tom Ward - bass clarinet
Seb Silas - baritone saxophone
Sarah Gail Brand - trombone
Rebecca Raimondi - violin
Benedict Taylor - viola
Seth Bennett - double bass
Moss Freed - electric guitar
Mark Sanders - drums

“Orchestra Entropy is the large ensemble edition of Matt London’s Ensemble Entropy, a dynamic new music ensemble / group / band exploring the space between composed contemporary music and free improvisation.
RITUALS for Orchestra Entropy was shortlisted for a 2018 BASCA British Composer Award in the Jazz Composition for Large Ensemble Category.”

“RITUALS is an extended work for ten improvisers presented on two hand drawn panels. This language score consists of various open notations, graphics plus two trio sub-pieces titled skelf (electric guitar, double bass and drums) and antiphon (violin, viola and double bass) for the performers to decipher. The intention is to sculpt the improvisations so that the music develops and transforms along an ancient elemental journey, with the composer not as a totalitarian figure of authority, instead giving the performers the guidance, the licence to explore and discover who they are within it.”-Matt London
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