Next Order - Live-Roaring Colors (label released CDR)

Until their first release on LoLo (this is their second), Next Order were a previouly unknown to me Japanese fusion band that features two guitarists, bass and drums. One of the guitarists tends to play with a cleaner tone and one has a more dirty sound, which is a nice contrast and compliment to each others playing. The most impressive thing about this is that it's live; it's impressive both because of how great they are playing but also about how good the sound is as well.

"Next Order has been cooking up hot, tasty jazz-rock fusion since their formation in 2002. Heavy touring in Japan has cemented their reputation for wild yet disciplined instrumental rock, jazz and improvisation. With an aggressive sound somewhere between "Blow By Blow" era Jeff Beck and a jazz tinged Metallica, Next Order has shared the bill with heavyweights like Gongzilla, Tribal Tech and African Express Trio. The four piece band features two guitarists, one clean and one dirty, in constant communication. Their influences are fusion, thrash/death metal, and artists such as Allan Holdsworth, Gongzilla, King Crimson, Mike Stern, John Zorn, Napalm Death and Metallica."
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