Odin - Live at the Maxim

The German/Dutch band Odin are best known for their one release on German Vertigo. This is an interesting release of mostly cover tunes (Neil Young! Frank Zappa, King Crimson) from early in their career. More than decent sound considering the age of the recordings, but definitely on the 'good bootleg' side of sonics.

"This live concert is an impressive documentation of Odin, captured at the birth of the band’s search for its individual identity. The four musicians had agreed to cast in their lots and devote themselves to playing progressive rock professionally. This was the plan. Rob Terstall, Ray Brown and Stuart Fordham had played together in the band Honest Truth and got along well personally and musically. The recent addition of organist Jeff Beer opened up new possibilities and changed the band chemistry. Their plan to create something unique and original presented quite a challenge and exciting as it was, the outcome was uncertain. Would it be possible to make their plan a reality? Their selection of repertoire quickly showed that Odin was not geared towards the mainstream sounds of the day, but was drawn to the progressive mainstays of the time; Frank Zappa and The Mothers, Robert Fripp’s King Crimson, Yes, Soft Machine, Van Der Graaf Generator, Gentle Giant, John McLaughlin and Quatermass."

"Odin was a group of top flight soloists, each with an insatiable musical appetite, each looking for a challenge. We wanted to get onstage as quickly as possible to sound out the band’s potential and to grow together musically. A band can only find itself playing live. It is the eternal initiation. For this reason we selected the best material possible that fit our instrumentation and we made this our starting point, our runway. Later on we gradually introduced our own compositions. Eventually, in autumn 1971 Odin appeared in front of an audience and our first concerts were staged at the Maxim, in Schweinfurt."-Jeff Beer, January 2007
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