Okuden Quartet - Every Dog Has Its Day But It Doesn't Matter Because Fat Cat Is Getting Fatter 2 x CDs

Mat Walerian - alto saxophone, bass clarinet, soprano clarinet, flute
Matthew Shipp – piano
William Parker - double bass, shakuhachi
Hamid Drake - drums, percussion

"Walerian is alternately introspective and fiery, and the passion of Jungle at times recalls David S. Ware's groups . . . They both soothe the soul and make the heart race . . . Walerian has obviously been studying Ware, Coltrane and their ilk . . . he's on his way to becoming a free-jazz force." --Steve Greenlee on the project Jungle, JazzTimes

"... jaunty and joyous, encapsulating the sound of two superior musicians for whom age and cultural differences mean nothing . . . At times they sound like youthful renegades breaking down barriers with the power of their sound. During others, they come across as wise elders..." -- Michael Roberts on The Uppercut, JAZZIZ

"Mat Walerian is one of those rare musicians whose approach seems to span several eras of jazz history, sometimes even within the same solo..." -- Mark Keresman on the project Jungle, The New York City Jazz Record

"Sort of the new sheriffs in town . . . The difficult task is to choose the highlights. There are so many..." --Mark Corroto on the project Jungle, All About Jazz
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