Open Window - The Open Window (expanded) CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

This late 60s album was one of the earliest sightings of Peter Schickele aka P.D.Q. Bach!

“Perhaps the original avant progressive album. Despite featuring a psych album cover, the group clearly has an academic pedigree, while the music is rooted in both classical and jazz. Basically a trio of three keyboardists, with organ (some wonderfully fuzzed out and compressed), electric piano, acoustic piano, electric harpsichord and clarinet. There are some oddly placed vocals, that give it a offbeat rock feel. Chamber jazz avant classical. Yea, I don't know how to describe it either...This Peter Schickele-led one-off experimental rock-ish band exceeded all my expectations.”-RYM

“The Open Window has been described by reviewers as a chamber-rock jazz trio, a classical ensemble, and a folk-rock-raga group, and all the names fit, except that they leave out the honky-tonk piano rolls and the Russian chants. These three musicians take it all apart and when they put it all back together again, it's something new; a batch of songs, non-songs, and sort-of-songs that will engage your mind and your toe and anything else you leave exposed to it. Stoned Circle happily presents the inspired and remarkable world of theoretical and classical composers Peter Schickele, Stanley Walden, and Robert Dennis, reissued for the first time.
Their momentary collision with psychedelic rock music in 1970 laid waste to any musical divisions and boundaries that may have existed. Caught in the act in 1970, the collaborative Open Window transcended popular culture and defined an era of music with an open mind and freedom of thought. Step inside for a colorful surprise and meet the psychedelic sound of The Open Window.
Professionally remastered original recording with background liners and rare archival photographs. Includes two bonus tracks.”
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