Pörsti, Kimmo - Past and Present CD

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“Past and Present is the third solo album by Kimmo Pörsti (The Samurai of Prog, Paidarion, Mist Season, Bernard and Pörsti). The Past is presented by 5 songs which were released on different occasions between 2004 – 2016), some of them now completely reworked. The Present comes alive by 6 new songs composed by Kimmo (with the help of Rafael Pacha) and one by Jari Riitala. As with Kimmo‘s previous album “Wayfarer”, music ranges from symphonic prog to groovy fusion instrumentals, not to forget some folkish elements as well.
Marek Arnold: Sax / Thomas Berglund: Guitars / Marco Bernard: Bass / Carlos Espejo: Vocals / Bo Hallgren: Keyboards / Petteri Hirvanen: Guitars / David Myers: Keyboards / Rafael Pacha: Guitars, Keyboards, Recorders etc / Otso Pakarinen: Keyboards / Marc Papeghin: Trumpet / Risto Salmi: Sax / Cathy Anderson: Cello / Christine Chesebrough: Violin / Sara Traficante: Flute / Hanna Pörsti: Flute / Paula Pörsti: Vocals / Kari Riihimäki: Guitars / Jari Riitala: Guitars, Keyboards, Bass / Dan Schamber: Vocals / Ton Scherpenzeel: Keyboards / Jan-Olof Strandberg: Bass / Kimmo Tapanainen: Keyboards.
Presented in a Mini-LP-style gatefold package including 20-page booklet, and wonderful artwork by Ed Unitsky.”
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