Power of Zeus - The Gospel According to Zeus

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Power Of Zeus were a one and done band from Detroit that recorded for the Rare Earth label (Motown’s ‘rock’ imprint). The album is straight up progressive hard rock with psychedelic touches that are very redolent of 1970, when it came out. Great psych-influenced lead guitar, busy Jack-Bruce-ish bass and organ runs ala Mountain, Iron Butterfly, Deep Purple, Vanilla Fudge, Sir Lord Baltimore, early Sabbath, etc.
For what it is and what it is trying to do, it’s VERY good and can hold its own with any of the stoner-rock bands of today that are trying to catch this lightning in a bottle once more...

"Arguably the first hard rock album released by the Motown-owned Rare Earth imprint, 1970's The Gospel According to Zeus was also the first and last recording by Detroit heavy rockers Power of Zeus. Needless to say, these two facts were inextricably linked, as the producers and engineers responsible for fueling the Motown hit factory had little or no understanding of what it took to capture the new decade's Earth-shaking hard rock sounds in their studios. Interestingly, this wound up pushing Power of Zeus' psychedelic elements -- mostly evident in their vocal harmonies and use of the Hammond organ -- to the fore at the expense of a meatier guitar, bass, and drums foundation. Also, unlike many of the era's incredibly bloated, jam-happy behemoths (e.g., Iron Butterfly's "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida," Deep Purple's "Child in Time"), tough, punchy songs like "It Couldn't be Me," "No Time," and "Realization" are conspicuously short and concise -- as mandated by Motown's pop architects, no doubt...”-Allmusic
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