Quantum Fantay - Oneironauts CD

Pete Mush - Synths
Tom Tee - Guitars
Jaro - Bass
Jazzper Coulier – Drums
Charles Sla - Flutes
Ed Wynne - Guitars on tr 2
Louis Van Der Linden - Drums on tr 2, 4, 6
Gino Bartolini - Drums on tr 8
Pete Mush - Bass on tr 2,4,6,7 additional flutes and percussion

This is the ninth release from this Flemish space-rock band, who formed in the early/mid 00s and since then have released a new album every couple of years (although it has been five years since their last), all of which are quite excellent.
At this point, I would venture to say that they are the best currently active spacerock band who take their cues squarely from the Gong/Ozric Tentacles school.
This is another fine one; If you dig this sound, you'll love this band and you’ll love this album - it's as simple as that!
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