Ramdam Fatal - Ramdam Fatal CD

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Félix Gibert: direction, trombone
François Arbon: bass saxophone, bass trombone
Clémence Cognet: violin, trombone, voice
Romain "Wilton" Maurel: violin, voice
Benjamin Bardiaux: keyboards, voice
Rémi Faraut: drums, voice
Manu Siachoua: bass, voice

“Ramdam is a hellish ceremony celebrating the meeting between four musicians of the company l'Excentrale and the trio Ultra Zook.
Ramdam Fatal is a brutal liberation of the music of Auvergne, from the glowing belly of a new chimera. Ramdam Fatal is a string of borborygms produced by a seven-headed hydra composed of brass, violins, voice, bass, keyboard and drums.
Ramdam Fatal is a half-electric, vociferous and epileptic ballroom orchestra that tells stories of carnivalesque possession, collective madness, and the disheveled rhythms of sleepless nights on the dance floor. Ramdam Fatal is a noisy incantation, addressed to the spirits of the dance.”
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