Renault, Mathilde - OverOceans CD

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Mathilde Renault-piano, voice, compositions, Caroline Shaw-violin, Stephan Pougin-percussion, Arne Van Dongen-double bass.

"With the two most played instruments in classical music, coming each from the other side of the ocean, the Belgian Mathilde Renault on piano and the American violinist Caroline Shaw are immediately taking you to another landscape. Mathilde Renault composed the all album, with strong eastern phrasing, but certainly with beauty and softness, a perfect play that this duo is enhancing with curves and an almost Tzigane feeling. Reinforced by Stephan Pougin on percussion and Arne Van Dongen on bass, who have both a great knowledge of world music, the music is suddenly floating between strict classical music approach and the detachment, even festive way of playing in world music. Rhythms are rolling, but never overdoing, it pulse, but still keeps light. A poetic music with a strong character, something alike pieces made by Erik Satie going a bit jazzy, a bit Hungarian, unexpected territories for sure. Spring time music…. With a little breeze… Fresh and sunny"
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