Reuter, Markus - Digitalis

Long out of print and impossibly rare, this tends to got for $40.00 and up when it can be found ( Reuter is a tap-guitarist who is probably best known for his work with the Europa String Choir, who released an album about a decade ago on Robert Fripp's Discipline label. We found 11 copies at a reasonable price and we snatched them, so here they are...for now. "Markus’s instrument is the Warr Guitar, a tap-style 8-stringed instrument which is played less lik e a true “guitar” and more like a Chapman Stick. The sound, especially on Digitalis, goes through heavy electronic processing, with a resulting sound (like fellow Hypnos label guitarists Jeff Pearce and David Tollefson) that is very un-guitar-like, but with a feel and style of playing that sets it dramatically apart from keyboard-played electronics. Digitalis has a bright and vivid sound, as compared to the smooth and mellow tones of Pearce, or the heavier, at times more challenging sound of Tollefson. The end result is a distinctive and beautiful tone color unlike what one would expect from either guitars or synthesizers."

"Markus Reuter absolutely shines with this release: Digitalis. An abstract, yet flowing journey through the perilous battle between the forces of light and darkness, this album earns its place with me amongst the great ambient releases. Markus' use of the Warr touch guitar makes the album even more amazing--it has unique sonic qualities that cannot be matched by digital or other analog instruments. I am looking forward to future releases from Mr. Reuter. I highly recommend this album to anyone interested in ambient music, or plays the Warr touch-style family of instruments."-Brendan Brossard
  • LabelHypnos
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