Rhinoceros - Les Rhinocéros III

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One of DMV's great contributions to the 'scene', proudly presenting their excellent, third album on Tzadik!

"Together since 2010, Les Rhinocéros has brought their manic and zany mixture of heavy metal riffs, world music, noise, math rock, klezmer, reggae, minimalism, soundtracks and sick improvisation to appreciative audiences all over the world. Their long awaited third release ups the ante once again with a wide variety of manic compositions performed tighter than ever by this virtuosic trio. Featuring guests Gal Klein, Joe Herrera, Matt Rippetoe, Kamyar Arsani, Reese Higgins and David Coltun this is a passionate young band breaking new ground in instrumental music!"
Jonathan Burrier: Drums, Percussion
Michael Coltun: Basses, Effects, Loops, Noise, Toys, Guitars, Percussion, Kamel N’goni, Casio, Voice, Violin, Drum Machines
Amit Peled: Guitars, Effects, Loops, Noise, Mandolin
Kamyar Arsani: Daf, Darbuka
David Coltun: Vocals
Joe Herrera: Trumpet
Reese Higgins: Vocals
Gal Klein: Clarinet
Matt Rippetoe: Tenor And Baritone Saxes
  • LabelTzadik
  • UPC702397781226
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