Ricca, Paolo - Mumble featuring John Etheridge

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Paolo Ricca : Fender Rhodes piano
Diego Mascherpa : clarinet
Andrea Manzo : bass
Maurizio Plancher : drums
John Etheridge : guitar

This will bring a smile to the face of anyone who enjoyed Perigeo, Bella Band, and other classic era Italian jazz/rock bands.

"The Paolo Ricca Group is the band formed by the pianist, keyboardist and composer Paolo Ricca in 2006. The new cd "Mumble", came out in 2018 and sees beyond the consolidated basic training (which includes Diego Mascherpa on clarinet, Maurizio Plancher on drums and Andrea Manzo on bass) participation in some songs by a luxury guest, the English guitarist John Etheridge (Soft Machine, Stephane Grappelli, John Williams, Andy Summers).
The sound is typical of 70s Jazz rock and in particular for lovers of Perigeo, Agorà, Soft Machine and Weather Report.

"One of the characteristics of this band is that from the first test the music came out naturally, and every song I wrote was amplified by the personality of each of the musicians but at the same time with a homogeneous and defined sound. It is not very common, and above all very difficult to predict; it is not enough to put together excellent musicians to have the guarantee of the result, it must take that extra something that makes the musical experience really special.
The decision to record this new album as a live in the studio, meant that we recorded the CD in a single recording session, recording only one version for each song; this certainly contributed to giving the right, correct dimension to work.
John's contribution was important; his sound, so original, was perfectly inserted into the sound dynamics of the songs. With this new album, "Mumble" I think I took an important step towards the goal that I had set myself more than ten years ago, to create a sound that was electric but above all "our", Italian, to be realized both with the type of training (for example with the use, which is not very usual in these contexts, of the clarinet) but above all through the melodic-Mediterranean vein of the musical themes that naturally distinguishes us '"-Paolo Ricca

  • UPC8020292013511
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