Homunculus Res - Come Si Diventa Cio Che Si Era CD

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This is the second release by this Canterbury-styled Italian band and is a step up from their quite good first. Recommended to fans of the lighter side of the Canterbury sound.

The personnel is:
Dario D’Alessandro- guitar (r), voice, bass on 4, 7, 10, 11, 12, synthesizers
Davide Di Giovanni- keyboards, bass on 8, 13, choirs, drums on 13
Daniele Di Giovanni- drums
Mauro Turdo- guitar (l)
Daniele Crisci- bass
David Newhouse - saxophones, bass clarinet on 09,10 (The Muffins)
Aldo de Scalzi - voice, organ, guitar on 04 (Picchio dal Pozzo)
Steven Kretzmer - piano on 08 (Rascal Reporters)
Alco Frisbass – synthesizers on 02
Paolo Botta - synthesizers on 2, 5, 9, 11 (Yugen)
Regal Worm – synthesizers, organ, mellotron on 03-06
Dario Lo Cicero - flutes on 6, 10
Wyatt Moss-Wellington – choirs on 10
Giorgio Trombino - alto sax on 3, 5, 14
Giuseppe Turdo - oboe, english horn on 01

"Their vein remains strongly related to the best Canterbury scene, particularly to " Picchio dal Pozzo" but their musical approach remains open, combining melody and composition.

The lyrics, as usual amusing and ironic, have a common thread, since this is a “concept” concerning a city hospital."
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