Sclavis, Louis - Lost on the Way

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"This is an exciting new release from the wildly creative French clarinettist Louis Sclavis, a major figure in European jazz widely recognised as a masterful jazz composer and arranger. Sclavis's work often alludes to more than mere music, and on Lost on the Way, he takes his associative imagery from Homer. The track titles allude to the voyages of Ulysses. Sclavis: "I wanted to travel somewhere unknown, letting myself be blown from Scylla to Charybdis by mastering the winds and the torrents of return to re-evoke a history" - along the way looking at aspects of jazz, rock and modern composition from unfamiliar angles."
Louis Sclavis-clarinets, soprano saxophone
Matthias Metzger-soprano and alto saxophones
Maxime Delpierre-guitar
Olivier Lété-bass
François Merville-drums
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