Sclavis, Louis - Rouge

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Louis Sclavis: clarinets, soprano saxophone
Dominique Pifarély: violin
François Raulin: piano, synthesizer
Bruno Chevillon: bass
Christian Ville: drums

“Not so well known here, but a true legend in Europe, I saw Louis’ band with this personnel right around this time and they were rehearsal-intensive, flat out AMAZING.

Clarinettist/saxophonist Louis Sclavis’s first ECM album (recorded 1991) brims over with ideas, creating something fresh at the intersection of jazz and chamber music. Compositions and arrangements on Rouge twist and turn in unexpected ways, keeping listeners on the edge of their seats. With their inspired exchanges at the front of the highly disciplined band on this album, Sclavis and brilliant violinist Dominique Pifarély established themselves as two of the most strikingly original voices on the European improvising scene.”
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