Sharp, Elliott - Filiseti Mekidesi CD

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“The opera Filiseti Mekidesi by Elliott Sharp is a visceral meditation about the universal search for a safe neutral place. It doesn't tell a linear narrative but uses musical and poetic means (with texts by Tracie Morris, Edwin Torres, and Sharp) to reflect moments and situations in cosmic and human history in particular resonance with current events of great urgency. The virtuoso cast includes Palestinian singer Kamilya Jubran, vocal group Voxnova Italia, and instrumental ensemble Musikfabrik from Cologne.
Elliott Sharp has developed a variety of unique compositional strategies that come into play in this work: combinational streams, chains and loops of musical “molecules”, chaotic structures that transform into resonant rhythmic patterns, timbral counterpoint, and extended playing techniques to generate new virtual “instruments”.
Filiseti Mekidesi premiered in September 2018 at the Turbinenhalle in Bochum as part of the RuhrTriennale.”
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