Six Organs Of Admittance - Ascent

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"From the opening red storm of 'Warsawa' to the sentinel strength of 'Even If You Knew' and the sensual lilt of 'Breathe,' the sound on this spaceship is that of a full-tilt rock band. The fun of classic-rock-sized Six Organs of Admittance (with Comets on Fire members in the pit) is evidenced in every molten groove, exhumed and erected like oxidized carnage on 'They Called You Near.' No matter which astral sign guides these neck-throttlers, they're together in every move - sympathetic, telepathic, magnetic. Star-dusted artifacts were even unearthed from the Compathia/Dark Noontide time capsules for autopsies and reconstruction! Mind-blowing re-castings of 'Close to the Sky' and 'A Thousand Birds' are 180 degree turns from the locations of the original versions, as if they never existed."

"Man this is one fantastic album. On the first listen I knew I was in for a treat and I've been jamming it ever since. If you like heavy, psychedelic, melodic music, then this one will fit your bill. The guitar work on here is amazing. Also has Comets On Fire as the backing band. I think it's some of his best work yet."
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Really more like 4 and 1/2 stars! This album is a bit more "heavy" than what some of Six Organs' fans may expect. But here is a really accessible side to this band's output. That is if you like a bit of drone mixed into your "stoner rock"....although I have to add that this has a lot more going for it than the average "stoner" stuff,because this album is more of a diversion into that genre from a man who has a more folk/drone/mantra background. The vocals here are a lot more accomplished and mixed much higher in the soundfield this time out too. There is a lot of variation in sound here,which makes for a much more pleasurable and interesting listen....comparing it with the older releases. So far I'd say this was one of the year's better releases of heavy psych/prog music.
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