Suphala - Alien Ancestry

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Lovely album by this protege of Zakir Hussain and Ustad Alla Rakha, who mixes traditional Indian classical music with a spacey hipness. Recommended to world jazz music/Indian music fans who are looking for something that 'crosses over' but doesn't pander.

"Suphala is one of the most creative and innovative musicians in Indian music. A student of Ustad Allarakha and Ustad Zakir Hussain, she has performed with many of the greatest names in Indian Classical music as well as pop musicians like Norah Jones, Sean Lennon and Vernon Reid. Her work reflects a diverse background and touches upon jazz, pop, soul, Western and Indian Classical music and more. This CD is a fascinating collection of grooves, compositions and improvisations with some of her most illustrious collaborators and features a fabulous remix by Downtown legend Bill Laswell."
Bill Laswell: Alien Translation
Suphala: Tabla, All Other Sounds
Kinan Azmeh: Clarinet
Hadi Eldebek: Oud
Amir Elsaffar: Trumpet
John Hadfield: Cajon, Garhand
Vijay Iyer: Piano, Remix
Jose James: Vocals
Matt Kilmer: Frame Drum
Mazz Swift: Violin
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